Roadside Food Stands in Berks County

Summer in Pennsylvania’s Americana Region means warm, sunny days, beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, and country roads brimming with roadside stands. For many, a drive to a favorite stand is a welcome part of their weekend routine. It’s not just the lure of...

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Teaching Your Kids to Fish

I’ve heard it said that you can either go fishing or take a child fishing, but you can’t do both — At least while they are young, and especially if you have more than one child. But this isn’t necessarily true if you follow the right steps. Introduce Your Child to...

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Berks Area Mountain Bike Association Adaptive Day

If you’re into mountain biking, you likely already know what an amazing resource Berks County is to Mid-Atlantic cyclists. The two mountains surrounding Reading and Mount Penn, as well as Neversink Mountain, have a wide network of marked trails that put Berks County...

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