Nicholas Stoltzfus House by day Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Stoltfus House

The History of the Nicholas Stoltzfus House

the Nicholas Stoltzfus House

Whether it is spelled Stolfus, Stoltzfoss, or the original Stoltzfus, by all calculations, the surname began with Nicholas Stoltzfus. He and his family immigrated to America and eventually Berks County because of their Amish faith.

To learn about the Amish in Berks County, Pennsylvania, plan a visit to the Nicholas Stoltzfuz House. The quaint stone house from the 1700s was once the working farm that belonged to the Amish pioneer and his family. Over the years, the house lay vacant, boarded up, and overgrown. It was scheduled for demolition. Thanks to the efforts of many people, including members of the Stoltzfus family, the home was preserved and restored. Today it provides tours and education on colonial and Amish life. It includes a historically accurate replica barn and a beautiful event rental space. The community regularly celebrates the heritage of the courageous man who followed his faith to America and Berks County, ultimately giving life to a big part of the region’s population*.

*Nicholas Stoltzfus is the ancestor of nearly one million descendants in the area! The timeless name dates back to 400 A.D. in Saxony, Germany.