Outside of the Ephrata Cloister Photo Courtesy of Ephrata Cloister

Ephrata Cloister

If only walls could talk! The beautifully preserved walls of The Saal building at Ephrata Cloister, built in 1741, would have very interesting things to say. Life at the cloister was led by Conrad Beissel whose religious teachings required his followers to lead a monastic life. The community became known for self-composed a cappella music, the German calligraphy known as “Frakturschriften,” and the publishing service they provided to local groups, including paper, printing, and book-binding.

Ephrata Cloister Meeting House Inside view

The Saal, the Meetinghouse, at Ephrata Cloister is celebrating its 275th birthday this year!

(Photo Courtesy of Ephrata Cloister)