Have you ever been able to watch a glass-blowing demonstration or even blown glass yourself? If you're looking for fun things to do in Berks County, PA, you're in luck. Taylor Backes in Boyertown is a unique glass studio dedicated to creating and producing fine, functional, architectural, and sculptural designs. 


Taylor Backes Taylor Backes


I had the opportunity to view a demonstration and class at their Glass Art Institute Teaching Facility, and boy, I was blown away (no pun intended). The intricate work that these artists do is simply incredible. I was mesmerized by the entire process and could have stayed there all day to watch the magic happen. 



Taylor Backes  Taylor Backes


Taylor Backes offers make-your-own classes where you get to choose from a list of creations to make. Their student, Nicole, decided to create a flower. The instructor first shows a demonstration of the process of making the chosen item. From there, the student is able to go through the exact motions (with guidance and assistance, of course) to make their piece. High-temperature furnaces are used to melt the glass, which makes the room extremely hot, especially when they have to be opened to put the art pieces in. It's important to stay hydrated during this process so that you don't get overheated. Various tools are used to manipulate the glass to get it to the shape you want, and different colors can be added to your liking. Nicole did a great job with her flower, and it turned out perfectly. 



Taylor Backes   Taylor Backes

Taylor Backes   Taylor Backes

After the make-your-own class, the artists at Taylor Backes were kind enough to show me a demonstration of making their popular octo bowl. I watched them in action, and it was neat to see everyone come together to create the bowl. Each of the artists had a part they were working on and knew exactly when they needed to put the pieces together. They all worked like a well-oiled machine, and it was seriously impressive. What started out as a small glob of melted glass transformed into this beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to go back again and make something for myself! 


Taylor Backes  Taylor Backes

This experience is great for just about everyone. It makes a unique date activity for yourself and a loved one, a fun day for older kids and teens, and can definitely be enjoyed on a solo adventure. Glass-blowing is something that not everyone realizes we have as an option for things to do in Berks County, so I hope this inspires you to check out Taylor Backes and sign up for a class. Make sure to tell them Pennsylvania's Americana Region sent you!