Blog written by (Derek Timm) 

Peanut Bar Dinner



The Peanut Bar’s centennial celebration encapsulates a century of culinary heritage and community spirit in Berks County, Reading. Stepping into this historic restaurant feels like a journey through time, where classic dishes mingle with innovative culinary creations in a welcoming atmosphere. Upon entering, one is immediately struck by the charming ambiance, evoking nostalgia and warmth. The walls whisper stories of a bygone era, while the aroma of sizzling dishes promises a delightful culinary adventure.


The tradition of peanut shells strewn across the floor, pioneered by Jimmie in 1935, adds a unique touch to the restaurant’s identity, becoming a cherished part of its legacy. The menu pays homage to both timeless favorites and bold new flavors. The Baked Onion Soup Au Gratin, a classic comfort dish, delights the palate with its rich, savory goodness, while the Peanut Butter Chicken stands out as an innovative offering.


The Peanut Butter Chicken is a testament to the chef’s creativity, blending tender chicken breast with an array of vegetables and a sensational “BOMA” South African-inspired Peanut Butter sauce. The sauce, a new addition, elevates the dish to extraordinary heights, infusing it with a delightful fusion of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Moreover, the inclusion of pasta adds a satisfying element of comfort to the dish, making it a truly indulgent experience. Each bite is a harmonious symphony of textures and tastes, leaving a lasting impression.


In addition to their culinary prowess, The Peanut Bar also excels in hospitality, offering weekly specials and event space for gatherings, ensuring that every visit is a memorable occasion shared with friends and loved ones.


Overall, The Peanut Bar’s centennial celebration is a testament to its enduring legacy, blending history, innovation, and culinary excellence in a setting that feels like home. It’s a place where every dish tells a story, and every visit is a celebration of Berks County’s rich heritage.


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