The Ultimate Guide To The Berks County Wine Trail

Pennsylvania’s Americana Region is home to mountains, forests, and countless hiking and biking trails that run through them, but there’s one more trail that many people might not know about: The Berks County Wine Trail.

The Berks County Wine Trail was formed in 2005 by 8 family owned and operated wineries within Berks County to encourage public awareness of the wine industry in the area.  Together they promote customer visitation of the member wineries and holds collaborative events throughout the year.

Today the Berks County Wine Trail has grown to include 11 wineries throughout Berks County to explore: Calvaresi Winery, Deerfoot Winery, Kog Hill Winery, Long Trout Winery, Manatawny Creek Winery, Ridgewood Winery, Setter Ridge Vineyards, Stone Barn Cellars Winery, Stonekeep Meadery, Stoudt’s Winery and Weathered Vineyards.

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How Do You Hike A Wine Trail?

When you’re hiking the Berks County Wine Trail, you can leave your heavy boots at home. Wine trails typically don’t require walking from location to location, although sometimes you can do this. Often, a group will designate a driver or use a ride hailing service so that everyone can participate in the various wine related activities.

What Is There To Do On The Trail?

As you visit any or all of the trail’s twelve locations, you’ll discover each has its own unique way of doing things. One thing that’s common among all of them, of course, is delicious wine! On top of offering a fantastic selection of regional wines, these local vineyards invite visitors also participate in a wide range of seasonal events and activities throughout the year.

Wine Cheer

Where Does The Berks County Wine Trail Start?

You can hop onto the Berks County Wine Trail at any of the locations, but there is one path with the least back and forth, that delivers the most scenic views possible. We’ve put it together for you in an easy to follow route with notes about the journey! As always, it’s vital to drink responsibly and never drive while intoxicated.

The Perfect Route

If starting at Weathered Vineyards & Winery in New Tripoli, it’s a short ride to Pinnacle Ridge Winery in Kutztown. Along this way, you’ll the sprawling fields and rolling hills of Berks County.

Pinnacle Ridge offers a cozy tasting room as well as a larger barn area that’s been outfitted for a comfortable experience! The Winery often holds concerts in the barn on weekends. From Pinnacle, it’s a roughly 10 minute journey to Setter Ridge Vineyards. While there, you can enjoy beautiful views and open air seating under their expansive pavillion.

From Setter Ridge, follow US 78 West to PA 61 North to Long Trout Winery. This unique winery has disc golf, a pond, Long Trout’s unique “hippie” vibe is not easily forgotten.

Our directions to the next winery—Stoudt’s Winery may not be the fastest (by about 10 minutes), but they allow breathtaking views of the forests and landscapes. Stoudt’s features a great selection of fruit wines—with an especially wide range of plum wines.

Next stop on the journey, you’ll find yourself at the Calvaresi Winery. Known for quality small-batch wines and excellent relaxing spaces, you can taste and enjoy some of the great options they have available.

Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery is a picturesque farming location that exudes the down-home feel of the heart of the PA Americana Region.


Enjoy the small town aesthetics of Blandon on your way to the Stonekeep Meadery and Wine Cellars in Fleetwood. This new addition to the wine trail is going strong and a great source of honey based wines in Berks County!

After a quick drive around the bustling City of Reading, you’ll find yourself at the historic Ridgewood Farmstead & Winery. The property was first home to a family of Welsh Quakers. Now almost 300 years later, the history of the home includes many twists and turns, and even som hauntings.A visit to Ridgewood might include more than wine tasting.

quick hop over to Manatawny Creek Winery in Douglassville. Introduces visitors to a winery with a focus on sustainability. Manatawny proudly uses solar panels and responsible composting of the grape pomace in their production of great wines.

Take in more of the beauty of Berks County on your way to Spring City and the Stone Barn Cellars Winery. Relax and enjoy delicious wine. With a enjoy, and great views of beautiful French Creek, and a brilliantly maintained stone barn from which the winery gets its name.

One last stop, finds you at the Kog Hill Winery. With a tasting room, a passion for delicious wine, and a fantastic environment, there’s no better place to close out your epic trail day. And there you have it, you’ve hiked the whole Berks County Wine Trail!

Why This Order?

We recommend you allow plenty of time to travel the wine trail. This order was based on when the wineries and vineyards open, as well as the travel times between them. Going from north to south allows for the least amount of backtrack and ensures that you have the time to enjoy more of each winery has to offer without a rush. For more information about the Berks County Wine Trail and their events, be sure to check out their website. Again, always enjoy the trail responsibly and never drive while intoxicated.