All aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad for a unique adventure into Pennsylvania Americana Region's Secret Valley!

Located in Boyertown, the train connects visitors to the one-of-a-kind history, geology, heritage, nature, and splendor of one of the most unique and unspoiled valleys in the United States. The incredible land of the Secret Valley is a natural recreation and heritage area currently in development by the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust. Interested? Read on to learn about the railroad and the fun you can have on your next visit to PA's Americana Region!

You can't help but notice the beauty of the railroad with its picture-perfect station and gleaming railcars. The train's cars have been meticulously restored to their traditional Edwardian style. Visitors enjoy seasonal and holiday-themed excursions and rides with meal options, complete with a white-gloved wait staff.

As for its history, the Colebrookdale Railroad is a peaceful, sheltered course along the Manatawny and Ironstone Creek. It was built to connect the oldest iron forges, foundries, and furnaces in North America, which blazed the way to industrialization. The lands surrounding the railroad were once home to two Native American tribes who met with William Penn near the railroad's stone arch bridge. Cooler Still? A colonial home used by General George Washington sits nestled in the Secret Valley. He frequented the area to urge ironmasters to ramp up production of cannons, shot, shells, and armaments for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

Today, the Colebrookdale Railroad and the Secret Valley are home to an outstanding variety of flora and fauna. The area is also an important geological research site for Temple University students.

The All-New Colebrookdale Railbike

The Colebrookdale Railroad continues to evolve. New this year, the railroad now offers Railbike excursions. Gather a group of friends and plan a pedal-powered adventure into the tall forests of the Secret Valley. Travel along creeks and over bridges as you take in the wonders of the picturesque region. Don't be surprised if you encounter eagles, red-tailed hawks, deer, turtles, foxes, turkeys, geese, and ducks on your journey.

The cost of a Colebrookdale Railbike excursion is $175 per bike, which can comfortably seat groups of up to four individuals. The six-mile trip lasts approximately two hours, and there is a multitude of parking available for your convenience!

Looking for More Berks County Fun?

After your railroad visit, grab something to eat at The Other Farm Brewing Company, a nano-brewery also located in Boyertown, PA. Once a sleepy little cafe, the restaurant is now a thriving centerpiece of the community. The Other Farm sources fresh, local ingredients to provide guests with tempting menu options and outstanding craft beers and ciders. After lunch, enjoy a walk on Main Street. Shop Taylor Backes Glass Studio, pick out your favorite candies at Peppermint Stick Candy  Store, or take selfies with the adorable bears that dot the town's streets.

In the mood for a little more history? Complete your visit to Berks County with a stop at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles. Dedicated to preserving Pennsylvania's transportation history, the museum's collection includes vehicles of all types: gasoline, electric, and horse-drawn, carriages, wagons, and sleighs. The museum is housed in the former Boyertown Auto Body Works, a unique and appropriate spot to view the vehicles. Beginning May 22, the museum presents, A Rosie Outlook: WWII & the Girls with a Star-Spangled Heart. The exhibit runs through September and showcases Boyertown-built WWII vehicles, a Rosie the Riveter Rose Garden, and much more.

No matter what kind of adventure you're looking for, chances are, you'll find it in Pennsylvania's American Region. For more information on fun things to see and do in Reading and Berks County, contact us today!