Woman stands infront of a bucket of herbs at the Leesport Farmers Market

Summer in Pennsylvania’s Americana Region means warm, sunny days, beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, and country roads brimming with roadside stands. For many, a drive to a favorite stand is a welcome part of their weekend routine.

Fresh Corn for buying at the Leesport Farmers Market

It’s not just the lure of locally grown produce and lower prices that draw customers; the drive, the setting and the conversations with the people who grow the foods are also part of the charm.

Plus, there’s an element of the unknown. What new treats will be for sale each week? Jars of PA Dutch delicacies like apple butter, chow-chow, bacon dressing, and pickled vegetables? Bunches of fragrant flowers? Tins of fresh baked goods? This summer, follow one of our picturesque country roads to discover the seasonal fun of shopping at roadside stands.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, try some of these local favorites.


A mixture of veggies that includes green beans, lima beans, corn, peppers and onions pickled together and seasoned into a tart and tangy dish that often accompanies PA Dutch meals.

Beautiful Honeycrisp apples sit on a stand at the Leesport Farmers Market

Apple Butter

Apple butter could be considered a condiment. Apples are cooked long and slow with water or apple cider until the natural sugars break down and the fruit caramelizes. Cinnamon and other spices are added to the dark, thick mixture. It is often eaten over cottage cheese, bread or saltines.

Bacon Dressing

Who knew bacon, vinegar, milk, sugar, flour and egg could come together to make a delicious dressing that tastes extra good when served warm over salad greens?

Whoopie Pies

Soft, small, cakey rounds are held together with a sweet filling to make whoopie pies. The most popular variety is chocolate with a vanilla filling, but blueberry, pumpkin, and oatmeal raisin whoopie pies are gaining favor and popularity.