We heard it's National Chocolate Chip Cookie WEEK! Of course, America's favorite cookie needs an entire week for celebration! So, where can you get some of the best chocolate chip cookies in Berks County? Check it out! 


Bake Shop at Skyline Cookie

The Bake Shop at Skyline Drive Orchard 

This bake shop is such a hidden gem! Located near the Pagoda, they have all kinds of baked good, treats, and gifts. Their boxed cookies are delicious but you can't go wrong with a large one with some salt on top.  


DoubleTree Cookie

The DoubleTree By Hilton Reading

A stay at the DoubleTree is not complete without a famous, fresh chocolate chip cookie. If you were looking for an excuse to stay a night in Berks County, getting a cookie during chocolate chip cookie week seems like a valid reason to us! Their cookies have chopped walnuts for extra crunch and an enhanced flavor. If you have allergies, not to worry, they also have an allergy-free cookie. 


Sweet Street Cookie

Cafe Sweet Street 

Sandy Solmon started baking classic American cookies in a 2-bay garage in Reading, PA. Now, her cookies and other desserts are enjoyed by people all over the world. Her chocolate chunk cookies have an incredible crunchy outside with a chewy soft inside. The chocolate chunks make this cookie rich, decadent, and delicious. 


Sweet Ride Chocolate Chip Sundae

Sweet Ride Ice Cream 

Although Sweet Ride is known for their ice cream, they also have some good chocolate chip cookies. Not only that, but they have chocolate chip cookie Sundaes. I can't thing of many things better in the world than chocolate chip cookies paired with amazing ice cream, chunks of cookie dough, and whipped cream. 

Morgantown Coffee House Cookie

Morgantown Coffee House

Located in Morgantown, just a 20 minute drive from Reading, Morgantown Coffee House provides a cozy but modern atmosphere, perfect for enjoying brunch, coffee, or yes, cookies with friends. Their 1/4 pound chocolate chip cookie has an incredible bite that melts in your mouth. 

There are lots of places in Berks County to get a chocolate chip cookie. Where is your favorite?