Hot dogs delight Pennsylvania's Americana RegionOn National Hot Dog Day, Pennsylvania’s Americana Region recognizes our area's favorite hot dogs, Berks Hot Dogs – of course!  Made in Reading, PA by Berks Packing, Inc., the family owned and operated meat processor was founded in 1933 by Charles A. Boylan. Today the company is still run by Boylan family members. Berks Foods offers a large selection of Berks branded products including ham, ring bologna, sausage, bacon and deli meats, but their most popular item is their delicious hot dog. It is hands-down, the top reigning frankfurter of our region.

In addition to our favorite brand of hot dogs, residents of Pa’s Americana Region have favorite spots to dine on dogs. Here are some of the best places Fightin Phil's Crazy Hot Dog Vendor on the field with hot dogs in his hands in PA's Americana Region to enjoy a scrumptious hot dog.

Fightin Phils Game - Face it, hot dogs and baseball just go together. Not only do the Fightin Phils serve up a delicious dog, their Crazy Hot Dog Vendor entertains with his far-flung antics  - which includes flinging hot dogs to fans in the stands. Now that's what I call dinner and a show!

hot dogs delight in Pennsylvania's Americana Region

Schell’s 27 Hole Miniature Golf - We're not sure why, but hot dogs taste better fresh off the grill rollers at Schell's. After it is popped into a steamed bun, customers can add an assortment of toppings like bbq, onions, mustard, relish, even cheese. They're so good!

The Pagoda - A weekend trip to the Pagoda is always better when a snack is added. Sit back and enjoy the views from atop Mt. Penn with a hot dog and cold root beer from the Pagoda Cafe. Yum!

Relish - The new kid in town,Hot Dogs Delight Pennsylvania's Americana Region  Relish, on Penn Avenue in West Reading dresses their dogs in gourmet toppings. We hear good things about the eatery. Hey, if it serves hot dogs, it has to be good.

The Forest Inn - Located on Penn Street in Downtown Reading, The Forest Inn has been serving Coney Island hot dogs for years. Their motto, "If you've tried all the phoneys, come eat the Best Coneys" says it all.

Of course, there are tons of other places to find great hot dogs throughout Pennsylvania's Americana Region. Where do you go when you're craving that perfect hot dog?