Fall in Pennsylvania’s Americana Region presents a great reason to become better acquainted or reacquainted with our local farmers markets. The stands are brimming with delicious, freshly-harvested goods. Lucky for us, Berks County offers several wonderful farmers markets to shop for locally products year round.

As in most communities, the markets are more than a place to shop, but rather a place to socialize. Friends and neighbors “visit” and catch-up on local news as they fill their carts with foods and other items for the week ahead. 

Renninger’s Market in Kutztown


Renninger’s Antique & Farmer’s Market is a farmers market, antiques center, and flea market rolled into one fabulous location that locals and visitors alike love. Open two days per week, shoppers are greeted by tables of fresh and colorful fruits, vegetables and seasonal flowers whether they arrive on a Friday or Saturday. Inside the market, customers shop their favorite stands for assorted meats, cheeses, and produce. In addition to the various foods, market patrons can find everything from home goods and jewelry, to refurbished vacuum cleaners, and even tombstones. 

Beyond the bustling market area, a part of Renninger’s building is dedicated to the wares of antiques dealers. Three times annually, the Kutztown community shares the beloved market with antique dealers and buyers from near and far. Out-of-towners descend upon the Kutztown location for a weekend’s worth of searching and friendly dickering at one of Renninger’s Antiques Extravaganzas. For the rest of the year, Renninger’s remains the place to shop for just about anything one needs.   

Leesport Farmers Market


Much like Renninger’s, Leesport Farmers Market is an important part of its Bern Township community. The family-owned market opens every Wednesday, year round, to faithful customers. In addition to its many food vendors, the market has flea market stands that sell just everything imaginable.

Leesport also holds a livestock auction every Wednesday, at 1:00pm. The auction is held year round and provides farmers and meat producers with a place to legally buy and sell American raised animals. The market is so much a part of the community that many residents use the market’s  rental space for parties and weddings. It hosts holiday events for patrons and their families too.  From April to through December, on the first Sunday of the month, the market opens for a flea market with food and other activities!

West Reading Farmers’ Market 


The West Reading Farmers Market offers customers a different kind of market experience as a producers-only market. In other words, the merchants or farmers offer the locally grown agricultural products that are produced right on their farm or area farms. So, there’s no confusion about who is responsible for the deliciousness in front of you.

Vendors set up their shops on Sunday mornings on the 500 block of Penn Avenue and 6th Ave in West Reading from 9 a.m to noon. The folks selling their goods strive to educate interested members of the public about the benefits of eating and supporting locally-grown foods. When you’re looking for the best in locally grown and fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, meats, a Sunday morning visit to West Reading  might be in order. 

Located in Reading, PA, it’s been over 250 years since the historical Penn Street Market was first created in 1767 by the sons of William Penn. Over the years, the popular market moved locations, and with a dwindling partner base, closed. 

But in 2016, a plan was put in place to offer city residents and people who work in the city an opportunity to purchase farm fresh, quality foods. Today,the Penn Street Market is an open-air, seasonal farmers market in the heart of downtown Reading, PA. The Market features local farm produce, fresh meats, baked goods, locally owned restaurants and food trucks, and more! The Greater Reading Chamber Alliance and the Market Team are committed to hosting a variety of family and nutritional programs in partnership with The Food Trust, featuring local musicians, kids crafts, and highlighting community resources.