Beer at Stoudt's BreweryPennsylvanian's certainly know how to make beer! Know where to find the real thing? Right in here Pennsylvania's Americana Region. Pennsylvanians do drink a lot of beer, but with more than 4 million gallons of craft beers produced here annually, second only to California, they also make a lot of it for others. Because Pennsylvania Germans (or Pennsylvania Dutch) grew the grain and hops used to make beer, they always played an important role in the production of it. However, our Swedish settlers were the first to set up shop and brew the European-style beer in our area. By the end of the 19th century, Pennsylvania was producing more beer than any other state.
Stoudt's BreweryThe area is now home to two of the largest breweries in America, Yuengling in Pottsville, and Samuel Adams in Breinigsville, as well as Stoudt's Brewery in Adamstown, and boasts the two largest craft breweries in the nation. Amazingly, Pennsylvania ranks in the bottom half of beer consumption in the United States.

So it’s up to you, our visitors, like you, to enjoy the craft of Pennsylvania’s Americana Region's brewers so our local brew masters keep up the good work! Choose one or several to sip and savor.

  • Chatty Monks Brewing Company - It all began in a Beer Bunker of one of the four friends of Chatty Monks Brewing Company, where tasty Belgian ales were produced long before the tasting room was a reality. As production grew, friends who tasted their brews recognized the exceptional craft beer and pushed for wider distribution. Based on such a great product, the rest, as they say, is history. Chatty Monks still does have a Brew Lab, yet now the group of beer-loving guys is putting their own personal mark on bringing enjoyment to others, craft beer, is now complemented with pub fare, sandwiches, and starters, in a great facility where you can chant, chat, chew and chill.
  • Stoudt’s - Taste craft beer brewed by pioneers of the craft beer movement! Ed is an old school beer geek and his passion is evident in the beers he creates. In 1987, his wife became the first woman to open a brewery since prohibition. She is known in the industry as the “Queen of Hops.” Headed by this landmark pair, Stoudts Brewery offers a variety of authentic Lagers and Ales. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the Brew Pub where you can sample over 12 different styles of hand-crafted beer. And sign up for a tour of the brewery to see how the beer is made either Saturday at 3PM or Sunday at 1PM.
  • Brewers Bar and Grill - Hungry for a Pretzel Melt or a non-chain Personal Pizza, at Brewer’s Bar and Grill, you can take those out. Or you can eat in at this hoppin sports bar, steeped in history as the Reading Brewery, before and after prohibition. Try dining on chicken and wings, dipped into hand crafted beer infused sauces, steak sandwiches, bacon mac and cheese, brisket meatloaf sandwich, the famous house BBQ, Brewer’s Shepherds Pie Bowl, or a drink based dessert called “Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float.” Nearly 15 revolving craft beer taps are always on tap.
  • Ugly Oyster Drafthaus - Experience an authentic Guinness Irish Pub in Pennsylvania at the Ugly Oyster Drafthaus. Before starting his pub, owner Glen Rigg took formal classes with Guinness Brewery to learn what it takes to become an official sanctioned Guinness Irish Pub. He turned the oldest pub in the region, dating from the 1700s into today’s great atmosphere with a bar and appointments designed and constructed by highly skilled craftsmen and Yorkshire, England, who came over to install them. Enjoy small group intimacy among the private snugs tucked throughout or join others at the neighborhood bar — where soon, everyone will know your name.
  • Yuengling Brewery - Established in 1829, Yuengling is America's oldest brewery. The fifth generation of the founding family guides tours of the brewery, which has been in continuous operation since 1829!
  • Hidden River Brewing Company
  • The Other Farm Brewing Company
  • Union Barrel Works