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The General Carl Spaatz National AAF Museum ditches the conventional museum experience for one that is interactive and will engage the visitor directly in its exhibits.  Our living museum concept includes over 5,000 sq ft of museum space of 10 exhibits and will feature 5 interactive including; Mission Briefing Room; take seats and get the “low down” on the “Target for Tonight”.  Be ready to synchronize watches! then get ready to “Gear Up” and try on the type of equipment used by crews on the missions over enemy territory.  Then it’s one last cup of coffee at the “Chow Hall” before boarding your B-17 Bomber to fly the mission in our Mission Flight Room for a simulated mission.  “Heads Up! German fighters at 12 o’clock high” stand by for “Bombs Away”.  More adventures await the visitor.  Our museum uses these features to educate “students” of all ages so that the sacrifices and the legacy of those who have served our country will be passed on to future generations. Cos-play is an integral part of the experience and is highly encouraged.  Come join us to be a part of history!

Hours of Operation:

The Gen Spaatz Museum is set to open in Spring of 2020

General Carl Spaatz National USAAF Museum