They say that gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins in this world; but with places like Secrets Bakery in this world, I don’t see how one could resist. My friend (Dan) and I were walking around West Reading one unseasonably hot afternoon November 6th when we passed by the small pink writing in elegant cursive that read “Sweet Secret.” Dan and I eat relatively healthy for the most part and we hemmed and hawed on whether we wanted to stop and try a cupcake or if we should continue walking. After some deliberation our brains caved into the temptation and we resolved to split a cupcake.

Upon entering the little bakery our noses were attacked by the smell of chocolate and vanilla and cherry and mint and… (Well you get the point it smelled delicious). there are a few tables to sit at and these big rectangular glass display boxes which host a myriad of cupcakes. Beth Gendler, the owner, came out with a giant smile on her face, dough on her fingers and flower speckled up her arm. She explained the ingredients in each of the cupcakes. In her mind she thought she was making our decision easier by explaining the ingredients; but in reality it just made each cupcake sound more appealing making the decision process harder. After some time I examined a cupcake sitting on the bottom shelf labeled chocolate chip cookie dough. Beth explained that it was vanilla frosting, with chocolate chip sprinkles, and a wad of gooey cookie dough baked into the base of the cupcake. My jaw dropped and I began salivating (so much so that I had a tiny pool collecting around my feet); this was the holy grail of all cupcakes.

We purchased the cupcake and Beth wrapped it up in a little box with a bow on top. My friend and I walked around West Reading before deciding to sit down on a bench and enjoy our spoils. We took a plastic knife and cut that beautiful cupcake right down the middle. It was felt like I was taking a knife to the Mona Lisa. I could see the cookie dough center ooze from the base as I brought the cupcake towards my mouth. I took the first bite and my taste buds exploded and panic broke out in my mouth. What tasted best the frosting, the chocolate chips, and the cookie dough? It was too much flavor to tell from just one bite. Naturally I had to take my second, and final, bite.

I know that Dan had a similar experience to mine because we both had the same look in our eyes that exclaimed “Why did we only get one?” We stood up, looked back in the direction we came from and contemplated going back for just one more… or 2… O.k. fine, 6. We decided to save it for another day though, despite the yearning for another jolt of deliciousness.