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There can be something so satisfying about really nailing the perfect Instagram shot. Picking a location, catching the perfect lighting, getting just the right angle – you can feel pretty accomplished by the time you’re ready to hit post! If you live in or near the Berks County area, you’re in luck. This beautiful region offers both gorgeous natural scenery, and fascinating buildings and artwork, all of which make wonderful backdrops or photo subjects for your next Instagram post. Whether you’re showing off a new haircut, honing your amateur photography skills, or just want a beautiful spot to take fun pictures with your friends, you’ll find what you’re looking for at these Instagram-worthy spots in Berks County!

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Hawk Mountain

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, in northern Berks, is the world’s first refuge for birds of prey. Over the years the sanctuary has become a world leader in wildlife conservation and education. Its location on an Appalachian flyway makes Hawk Mountain one of the best spots in the nation to watch the annual hawk migration. Visitors readily hike rough terrain to reach the sanctuary’s famed North Lookout. This outpost offers stunning views of the surrounding forests and rock formations, especially in the fall. No matter when you choose to visit Hawk Mountain, your selfies snapped from its lookouts will be a source of pride and a perfect example of Berks County’s natural beauty. 

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Reading Pagoda

At the top of Mount Penn stands an iconic Reading landmark. It might seem a bit out of place in eastern Pennsylvania, but the eye-catching red brick and tile Pagoda has been part of the region’s landscape for over 100 years. Willam Witman built the Pagoda in 1908 as part of a luxury resort that failed to open. Eventually the structure was purchased by the City of Reading and it was used to deliver news, sport scores, election results and notify local children of Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve. Today, the Pagoda is part of the Mount Penn Preserve. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972!  The Pagoda continues to be a great source of interest to visitors and locals alike with its breathtaking 30-mile panoramic views. Snap a selfie against this beautiful backdrop or take pictures of the incredible Pagoda itself!

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Mural Corridor

Berks County is dotted with wonderful displays of public art, and one of the best is the Mural Corridor in West Reading. It’s an art gallery designed for outdoor viewing, beginning near the corner of South 4th Avenue and Cherry Street. This collection of murals and other public art pieces might make you forget that you wanted to take Instagram photos in the first place, but they’ll be well worth the visit!

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Folino Estate

If you’ve been to Folino Estate before for a wedding or a wine tasting, then you are already aware of the location’s beauty. If not, allow us to introduce you to one of the prettiest photo spots around! This winery is just above Kutztown and a popular event venue. It is also home to a wonderful restaurant, a wine shop, wine tasting experiences, and a wine garden with plenty of great photo backdrops. Go for the Instagram shot, stay for the food and drink! No one will blame you if your feed ends up being mostly glasses of wine and delicious-looking appetizers for a while.

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The Sacred Oak

The Sacred Oak is located in Oley, PA, and it’s the centerpiece of many local legends and pieces of lore. The tree is huge and is estimated to be between 500 and 700 years old. It’s not only a popular photo spot but is also frequently used as a location for proposals, picnics, meditative sessions, and just about everything in between. This venerated old tree is sure to inspire plenty of contemplation as well as some great ideas for photos if you pay it a visit on one of the two public visitation days held annually!

With so many stunning locations in the Berks County area, you’ll never run out of great spots to take pictures!