It’s finally happening! Temperatures are breaking and the days are shorter. Fall decorations can be seen popping up everywhere. From pumpkins and hay bales to prop scarecrows on front yards, autumn is in the air. Some leaves are even starting to get in on the action already! Whether you have multicolor foliage in your own backyard, or you have to travel, it’s a beautiful time to be in Berks County.

When Is The Best Time To Tour?

There are many opinions on this topic, and it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re the kind of person who likes before and after comparisons, we highly recommend getting out early and then repeating the process near the end of the season before all of the leaves have completed their journey to the forest floor. For the full effect of the oranges, reds, yellows, and everything in between, the peak times are between the last week in October and the first week in November.

Where Should You Go?

The Pennsylvania Americana Region is home to many beautiful locations for spectacular views of the changing foliage. From lakeside paths to mountain ridge views, it’s hard to pick one place that captures the indescribable wonder of the late-autumn color spectrum. That’s why we’ve compiled a list!

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

A large forest of red, orange, and yellow trees fill the valley area at the base of the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.
As one of the most popular hiking destinations in Berks County, it’s no surprise that the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary just north of Hamburg is also one of the most beautiful locations to visit for fall foliage viewing. The HMS is home to plenty of hiking trails that bring you to scenic overlooks like the one pictured here, and of course you will enjoy the journey walking amongst the trees below. This is also the peak season to observe the annual raptor migration, so keep your eyes open for both leaves and birds!

The Pinnacle & Pulpit Rock

Just along the Appalachian Trail going south from Hawk Mountain, there are the Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock lookouts. From these vantage points, you can see forests and farmland stretching for miles and miles. By all accounts, this expansive view offers a deeply humbling experience when viewed at the right time of the year, and shouldn’t be missed. Because it’s so close to Hawk Mountain, it’s actually easy to go to all of these locations in one day!

Blue Marsh Lake

The beautiful Blue Marsh Lake is lined with trees and several people are enjoying the water on their boats
Finding the best time to walk the paths near Blue Marsh Lake isn’t too hard at this time of year. The vibrant colors and serene views across the lake always make you feel as if you arrived at the perfect moment. Trails wind around the lake and through the surrounding forests. With options for boating, fishing, hiking, and much more, you can see how this Berks County destination made it to our list.

Skyline Drive in Reading, PA

Skyline Drive overlooking Reading is one of the must-see Berks County views at all times of the year, but especially in the fall. The surrounding trails, panoramic sights, and easy to access parking make it possible to take in all of the colors, smells, and enjoyment without much of a hike at all!

French Creek State Park

French Creek State Park is home to not one, but two beautiful lakes: Hopewell and Scotts Run. Scotts Run lake offers a clear view from one side to the other and makes for some beautiful photography opportunities. There are trails that surround both, and it’s easy to find one that matches your skill level and is the perfect length for your comfort. With trails that go from less than a mile to more than five, you can really get the tailored experience you’re looking for while you’re out enjoying the seasonal colors.

Make The Adventure Your Own

Regardless of where you go to experience the changing colors this year, remember that your time is precious. Even though the leaves turn every year, no two autumns are the same. Bring the family for a one of a kind experience or venture out on your own for some awe inspiring beauty. One thing is for sure though, if you’re looking for unique and amazing fall foliage views, Berks County has got you covered!