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Iced coffee in a plastic cup with a light brown coffee holder around the coffee stamped with Squawk's logo. The coffee is in focus and the background is an out of focus background of the cafe

Squawk Café utilizes local farmers and producers to serve the highest quality ingredients with a menu designed and cooked by Chef Patrick for you. In addition to expertly crafted beverages by Joelle.  The café has been designed to be an easy carry out experience with reliable, consistent, and quality for you. 


Picture of a gourmet sandwich and tea in a glass tea cup
The picture is the back of a chef with a arrange of veggies line up in front and a self of assorted items on the wall above the chef
Birdseye view of a white round plate with color vegetables and a setting of a knife and fork on a white napkin to the left of the plate on the edge of a wood table

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday  – 
Saturday and Sunday  –