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How does your medical practice, law firm or accounting business get noticed in a competitive marketplace? How does the passion you have for your patients’ and clients’ care get recognized over your competitor’s? Do potential patients and clients understand WHY you do what you do? It’s that understanding that creates the connection in their desire to do business with you. But how do you make your patients and clients aware of the WHY?

The owners of many medical and legal practices struggle with developing and executing a strategic marketing plan that delivers measurable results because it’s not what they do. That’s where Core1Marketing comes in. Core1Marketing provides you with the expertise of an off-site, virtual Chief Marketing Officer that performs as a member of your team. Along with a virtual team of associates, Core1Marketing helps create and then executes the strategy needed to grow your business. This includes everything from project work to being retained to manage the entire marketing program for a business.

Mark D. Kramer, president and founder of C1M, is a results-driven marketing and business development professional for more than 30 years. Mark provides a unique blend of expertise in marketing planning, advertising, public relations that specializes in working with professional corporations using a hands-on approach to core problem solving.