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During 2021, Crystal Cave will be celebrating their 150th season! Plan a visit to this historic site and take part in this monumental occasion.

Come visit Pennsylvania’s most popular natural attraction. Crystal Cave was discovered in 1871 when local farmers, William Merkel and John Gehret, were blasting land in the hopes of finding limestone.  At that time, crushed limestone was a valuable resource used by farmers to enrich their soil.  What was found after the blast was a very exciting discovery for the locals in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Six months after its discovery, Crystal Cave was opened to the public for tours.  Crystal Cave was aptly named for its shining diamond-like calcium crystals that adorn the various formations within the cave.

Learn about the cave in the Crystal Cave Theater before trained guides lead you through an array of spectacular milky white stalactites, stalagmites, pillar & dripstone formations, all enhanced by indirect lighting. Marvels of stone formations, some of which are more than half a million years old, include the Cathedral Chamber, the Prairie Dogs, the Giant’s Tooth, the Ear of Corn and Tobacco Leaves, the Natural Bridge, the Indian Head, the Totem Pole, and the Crystal Ballroom. One popular rock formation looks like an upside-down ice cream cone, with different colored calcite deposits that resemble vanilla and chocolate ice cream! Concrete walks and steel railings ensure your safety through your descent 125 feet underground. The temperature is a constant and comfortable 54 degrees, so bring a sweater!

In addition to touring the cave, visitors may enjoy the shaded picnic area, nature trails, and the souvenir gift and rock shop.  During the months of July – September, the cafe, ice cream parlor, and mini-golf course are also open for visitor’s enjoyment.  Crystal Cave hosts various ghost lantern tours during the month of October, which are always exciting and thrilling.  Crystal Cave is educational and fun for the entire family.  Come and enjoy the beautiful sites of this natural wonder!

Hours of Operation

Open Daily: March 1st – November 30th
9:00AM-5:00PM with extended summer hours

Crystal Cave Park