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Learn the story of Conrad Weiser, one of the most important figures in early history in Pennsylvania’s Americana Region. Since he had lived with the Iroquois tribe in upstate New York since age 15 and knew their language, customs and traditions, when he settled in Pennsylvania in 1729, Weiser immediately began serving as a Native American interpreter and was heavily involved in diplomacy with the Iroquois.  He was able to maintain fairly stable relations between the two parties for two decades. After being elected Magistrate in 1741, when Reading was formed, Weiser was immediately elected a commissioner, constructing a second home in the city.

“Of over 90,000 places listed on the country’s National Register of Historic Places, only some 2,500 are recognized as National Historic Landmarks.” Conrad Weiser House is one of the 2500!

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Conrad Weiser Homestead